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Brier Hill is the site of Youngstown, Ohio’s first Italian settlement. It is where many of Youngstown’s blast furnaces and steel mills were erected, where schools and churches were established, and where numerous immigrants, including the Pallante family, put down roots and called the north-side neighborhood home.

The Brier Hill neighborhood was steeped in tradition – from softball games at Tod Park after Sunday mass at St. Anthony’s, to the renowned “Brier Hill Pizza” made with red sauce, green bell peppers, and a dusting of Romano cheese, to the ongoing annual Brier Hill Italian Festival. Family was the lifeblood of the neighborhood, and family recipes were passed down through generations, becoming carefully guarded and treasured heirlooms which have survived since the early 1800’s.

Our products are the continuation of four generations of Pallante family tradition. This is our way of sharing with you a taste of the old neighborhood and keeping alive the fond memories that were shaped there. We use the best ingredients available to us, and we still make everything by hand, using the same hand-cranked stuffer that has been handed down though our family for over 100 years. We make our products, as father and son, because we love doing so, and we sincerely hope that you enjoy them as much as our family has throughout the years.

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